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Localization is the process involving the translation and adaptation of technology-related materials from one language into another. Such materials include websites, software packages, and multimedia packages. The localization process goes much deeper than straight translation and involves meeting both technical and linguistic challenges. From a technical standpoint all facets of the material being localized must be considered, from user interface to how numbers and other values must be presented in the local format. Equally important is targeting the user population appropriately, taking such things into consideration as cultural nuances, appropriateness of graphics and even locally preferred color schemes.

I provide translations that address all cultural competence issues and requirements. In order to accomplish this, I take into consideration the vernacular used by the target population and focus the translations at the grade-level required by CMS and specific states.

My software localization services walk you through the process step by step. These services include the translation of the packaging, documentation, license agreements, warranties, help files and any other related information in addition to the translation of the software.

I provide a full range of consulting services to help you with the translation of your website. Do you simply want to offer every page of your website in multiple languages? Do you want to keep costs down by only translating certain, limited information? Do you want to be highly specialized by tailoring content and design to each specific language/target area? I will work with you to answer all of these questions and come up with a solution that best meets your needs based on budget, requirements, targeted markets and desired objectives.

From presentations to CD-ROMs for training, education or entertainment purposes, I will provide you with a culturally, aesthetically and technically accurate product solution.