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Post-Degree in Translation
Post-Degree in Subtitling
Post-Degree in IT
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The Post-Degree in Translation seeks to provide interdisciplinary training in the areas of Theory of Translation, Translation, Machine Translation, Computer-assisted translation, Terminology, Lexicography, and Text Linguistics, with special emphasis on scientific and technical domains. Several departments of the Faculties of Arts and of Engineering collaborate in this course, providing students with the opportunity to apply theoretical principles to specific scientific languages.

The course’s prime objective consists in training skilled human resources to work with and create terminology resources, and to use the technology that not only allows for the development of reliable terminology databases for normalized terminology, but also allows for the qualitative move from earlier prescriptive terminology practice to the descriptive nature of modern terminology resources. The aim is to train specialised graduates who are able to respond to the demands for terminology and normalisation on the part of Portuguese research and industry, as well as contribute to the affirmation, use and consolidation of the Portuguese language in the scientific and technical world. The course also aims to provide training in the analysis and production of texts and translations in a wide variety of areas, but with particular emphasis on scientific and technical domains.

The target are professional translators who wish to perfect their skills and learn about the latest developments in their area of specialization. The course is also suitable for those who wish to enter the world of high-level, specialized professional translation.